Dean Maragos

DEAN MARAGOS, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Marketing

Mr. Maragos is the next-generation visionary for Valley Dental Arts. Since childhood, he has been immersed in the fast-moving field of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, learning firsthand what it takes to be a thought leader and respected partner in the dental industry.

Since graduating with a degree in finance from the University of St. Thomas, Mr. Maragos hasn’t wasted any time working to further elevate the industry standards his father helped create. In 2009, he launched 35 dental material products in the areas of impression, temporization and bonding. He pursued extensive training from industry leaders around the world in the fields of implantology, clinical products and guided surgeries. Recently featured in South Florida Opulence magazine for innovative smile design, Mr. Maragos travels the world, sharing the expertise of Valley Dental Arts and working with key opinion leaders in this quickly evolving industry.

True to his roots, Mr. Maragos lives the “family-first” philosophy when it comes to Valley Dental Arts’ clients and future clients. He makes himself accessible and ready to share ideas, concerns and thoughts on innovations to help clients achieve their goals. As Chief Financial Officer and Director of Marketing for Valley Dental Arts, Mr. Maragos wakes up every day inspired by the opportunity to improve lives, both for dentists and their patients.