Dr. Lyman K. (Manny) Steil, CLP, CSP, CPAE

Dr. Lyman K. (Manny) Steil, CSP, CPAE is internationally known as “The Ambassador of Listening” and a “Speaker Worth Listening To.” Dr Steil is CEO and Chairman of Communication Development, Inc.; CEO and Chairman of the International Listening Leadership Institute; Founding Partner of The Masters Alliance; founding Director of The Amara Institute; former Director of Debate, Macalester College, and Chairman of the Speech Communication Division, Department of Rhetoric, University of Minnesota.

For more than 50 years, Dr. Steil has been a leading professional educator,
speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and business professional trained in
the areas of Speech, Psychology, Listening, Leadership, and Organizational Communication. Dr. Steil has helped professionals throughout 19 countries listen better and achieve more.

In addition, Dr. Steil was founder and first President of the International Listening Association; author and co-author of five books; creator of the first Effective Listening Video Program; and, architect of the renowned Sperry Listening Program. He has earned the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and the CLP (Certified Listening Professional) designations and has been inducted into both the National Speaker’s Association, CPAE,”Speaker’s Hall of Fame”, the Minnesota “Speaker’s Hall of Fame” and, the International Listening Association’s “Listening Hall of Fame”. Dr. Steil was selected as the ILA’s 1st “Listening Legend” and a Veteran Speakers “Legend of Professional Speaking”.  In addition, the University of Minnesota, College of Arts, and the Education Foundation and Albert Lea High School have honored Dr. Steil as a “Distinguished Alumni”.  

Dr. Steil’s and Dr. Bommelje’s award winning book, Listening Leaders: The 10 Golden Rules to Listen, Lead, and Succeed is presently serving Listening Leaders in 29 countries.

Dr. Manny Steil is committed to helping everyone enhance their listening and personal and professional performance, productivity, profitability, and pleasure.