our vision

The vision of Operation Restore Oral Health is based on establishing a significant group of oral health professionals committed to providing voluntary dental services not covered by the Veterans Administration to honorably discharged United States Veterans in need of restoring oral health.

our values

In an effort to serve those that have served us, OROH will engage those veterans who are in need of our services. Our commitment through supreme integrity will always be to deliver excellence in the treatments that we provide to restore hope.

our successes

On May 4 Dr. Shillingburg will be part of a team rehabilitating the entire mouth of fellow DFW resident Christopher Coker. The approximately eight-hour surgery will be Shillingburg’s first under a program called Operation Restore Oral Health.

our board

Dr. Numa Ray Lee, President
Bill Forrester
Michael R. Gwinn
Lyman Steil
Toni Chavis